Monday, November 3, 2014

Tzadikim Nistarim: The Search For The Lamedvavniks

December 3, 2013---------------------------------------------------------------------------I was walking down a narrow path one day and came across a man holding his breath. I said to him, sup man? " dont hold your breath if you are waiting" He said on a pad and paper, he wrote " shut up dont tell me what to do" I said, I am not telling you what to do man, I am re: RE minding you what you may have forgot, air is life we all share, if we dont breath, we will die soon, what you already know. " ----------------------------------------------------------------He said to me on his memo pad "Who do you think you are, are you perfect?" ---------------------------------------------------------------I said: I am sorry to bother you, I was just wanting to talk to you, be a neighbor" He then replied: "I dont need your kind around here, are you a dam wondering jew?, you dont know what your talking about, you know nothing, you are evil, leave me be, so I shall hold my breath, I am free to do so, its a free country i heard on the radio" ---------------------------------------------------------------I said " I see you are a man of piety, and there is plenty of piety among humans, i do not seek piety, I see a higher strata of life" I said: "very well, as you wish, yes you are free and I wanted to share in that freedoM with you; so together we could perfect it, for our self and others who wished to do so - even for the next generations of off spring of humans - I see you dont like me, my path, so I will take my leave away from you. I am Looking for the righteous to teach me righteousness, so i may go and do the same. peace to you" ----------------------------------------------------------------------I came home and typed this some days later -

A Bottle In A Message

A wise man came down from the solitary mountain one day to tell the world a message. Some called him a prophet, some called him a Christ, same called him Buddha, some called Elijah, some say a Avatar and Matreya and others called him a Fool. Scientists laughed at him and politicians as their voters did, ignored him.-------------------------------------------------------------------------- So he prepared a video for each Religion, each sect, each country and denomination, for the left and right wings a message and to the scientists also a message he prepared and sent them the message, Each watch the message and listened carefully -------------------------------------------------------- they all gnashed their teeth at him after seeing his message. And knowing that each sect and each group and each cult and each individual of them, all received a message also, They each sought to hear what the message was to the other groups??? Each sure that some people, must of had favor over others ------------------------------------------------But to the dismay of all who view the other messages to the other people = the message to each group was the very same message ---------------------------------- "Your all bottled up!- all will be judged by the same measure, and each would hold that measure to them self ARM-AGE-DONE" -----------------------------------


When the local volcano was near eruption, most settler's hunkered down in their peaceful homey dwellings, hoping for the best out come saying: "Ill have a positive attitude about this and stay away from negative thoughts.I dont wanna consider the dooms day stuff - All is well". - But a few others in town left the entire area for place's miles and miles away with this foreknowledge, that fire and brimstone are about to fall on the city...

No Nothing Never

8/2014------------------------------------------------ There once was a woman who fell into a trap. When she landed she saw others in the trap who was humans like her self from the same planet, but only some have different ideas and thought, based on what they was taught before they fell into the traps. They learned one thing or another but never every thing. There seemed to be two factions of people in the trap to choose from. ----------------One faction only used their right arm and bound the left arm from usage. The other faction only used their left arm and bound the right arm from usage. She chose the left arm faction and the left arm sect embraced her warmly, it was left hand day afterall and the prophesy had come true. For they needed more left hands to make war with the right hands. The left sought power of the pit.---------------------------------------------------------------------- Then one day a man came by the trap and noticed the pits entrance and could see where and how the people had fallin into the trap. So he called down to the bottoms with both hands cupped around his mouth so every one in the trap could hear him and yelled. ---------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------"Can any one uses a hand to get out of this pit you have fallin in?" But the mans voice and his use of both arms only angered the pit party inhabitants who had no pitty on those unlike them, no pitty for who considered all ideas and not just the left or right wind choices provided for them. No pitty for those who choose no side of war or peace ----------------------------------------------------------The pit party was in league, divided but in league to play the same war games to the death - there was not enough room for everyone so some must be killed to make room for more divisions ----------------------------------------------------------- "Leave us alone, we are bizy plotting war and commerce trades and have important business to tend to. Leave us and your strange ways of witchery using both hands being every thing to your self indivisible from divisions. -----------------------------------For you are a heretic among the human race's, We are better than you, you take no sides and you make what is divided united. Leave us before we pull you into the trap with us and bind you hand and foot" --------------------------------------------------------The man left them to their games and said to him self - "this people are a brain washed people, there is nothing I can do" So he walked off into the sun set alone.

Parabola Destiny

8/14/2014 ----------------Three men came to a fork in the road ----------------- One man chose to go to the right and another man chose to go to the left - But the third man kept going the direction he was headed off the main path. -------------------The man who took the right path was struck by a stock yard truck filled with oinking pigs, and killed instantly - the man who took the left path was waylayed and murdered by sectarian bandits who waited for passerby's on the main path. ---------------------- The third man is still on his pathless path, still going to all his destinations in life, safe and sound.

Ticked Off

A man once picked up a tic walking on his way home from is daily routines. He came on to his brethren in the town square. One man seen the tic on the mans jugglar vein, but did not want to say anything disturbing or negative to the man as traditions hold fast to a positive attitude even in the worst times. So he began to pet the mans head, caressing his neck, telling him how wonderful things was and to have a positive out look. Stay in a good place, never enter a bad thought.-------------------------------------------------------------------- But third man, a Hermit from the mountains was passing thru town, and stopped to see how much village life and people had changed since he had left for the mountains from the village many years before. The Hermit noticed the two men embraced and approached them saying " Pardon me sir's but one of you have a large tic on your jugglar. Let me remove it and heal you from any dis ease the tic has spread" But the two men at once stood up, gnashing their teeth. They stopped petting each other immediately and called for the Constable to arrest the hermit for being judgmental and having a devils attitude, the hermit said it was so called "truth" and if he had a tic on his jugglar he would want knows ledge of it and it removed also, he was just being a good neighbor - - - ------------------------------------------------------------------- The Constable took the hermit and flogged him adding his name to those banned from the village for having a negative devils attitude.

Life Size Trophy

January 13, 2014------------------------------------------------------------------ There was a man one who found popularity amoung his tribe, for being a good at hitting rocks with a stick and running fast to a dirt mound. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------From a young young warrior, he showed so much talent for stick rock, that he became a celeberty to his people and even some near by, tribes of kinsmen loved his technique's. ---------------------------------------------------------------------As he grew older, he remained the Stick Rock champion and even became a coach for awile. But even as he aged, his persona, was still that of the stick rock guy. He planted a garden and got food for his family, but after that, it was all stick rock n rolling the stones. ---------------------------------------------------------------He never really did anything else with his trophey size life, dedication to the game as his father taught him was a competition, to remain where he was his whole life - He was taught to follow his fathers example - stick rock for life, hold your ground - have property and defend it - never trespass - -----------------------------------------------------------------At gathering and honey beer circles, he would brag about his stick rock days and talk about all the games the younger men played of stick rock - he knew all about the game. Even his daily clothing vine was designed for maximum stick rock performance, just in case a inprompt2 game of six broke out at tree three growhemian the three grove. --------------------------------------------------------------The other local men was the same as their father and drank the same brands of honey beer - they all knew about the games, but never did they ever invent a new game, or reinvent them self. they all grew old and died as stick rockers. -----------------------------------------------------------On his grave marker, it was made of a stick, with a rock mounted on the crest of the handle, with the words "Hey Kid Stick Rocker - Rock On" -